At-Height Cleaning Services

Performance Services, Inc. (PSI) is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of window cleaning and building maintenance services in the central Pennsylvania area. For more than 20 years, we have been expanding our capabilities by investing in the staff, the training and the equipment necessary to do more for our customers. From simple jobs performed with diligence and respect for your budget, to innovative solutions for complex problems, you can rely on our team to deliver exceptional service every step of the way.

PSI is the preferred cleaning and maintenance contractor for some of our region’s largest commercial and high rise properties, as well as prominent area hospitals, schools, sports facilities and more. Contact us to request a quote for:

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning remains one of the core services we provide to our clients. With a focus on safety, we can turn around large projects quickly, helping you maintain the sparkling appearance that will keep your visitors impressed and your tenants happy. In addition to basic window cleaning, we can also provide post-construction cleanup, hard water stain removal, swing scaffold cleaning, glass restoration and repair, and more.

Building Maintenance

In recent years, we have greatly expanded our capacity to provide exterior building cleaning services for central PA’s most demanding customers. From working at heights other contractors can’t safely manage, to doing the detail-oriented repair work that preserves your building for years to come, PSI will ensure your cleaning and maintenance needs are met. Some major areas were focus on (but are not limited to) are:

  • High-access cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Restoration and repair of glass, metal and masonry
  • Caulking, painting, sealing and other weatherproofing services

Bird and Spider Control

Keeping pests out of your building is an important goal of exterior cleaning and maintenance. PSI will work with you to determine the best solution to a pest problem, or help you take preventative action that keeps birds, spiders and other nuisance animals out. Some options include the use of netting spikes, adhesive deterrents, and chemical or electrical controls.

Specialty Lifts

PSI is uniquely qualified to fulfill complex project requirements in high-rise buildings and other commercial properties. We can provide the access to hard to reach places and a safety certified lift operator to be sure your project is completed safely. Whether you need to fix a building sign, apply pest control, or install lighting- we are here to support. To discuss the details of your project and find out how PSI can help, contact us today!

Safety Consulting

Since our founding in 1992, safety has been our top priority. We offer consulting and anchor system services that allow you to leverage our expertise on any upcoming project. Let us help you keep your staff safe, limit your liability, and improve project cycle times by reducing on-the-job accidents.

For more information about high-access or specialty building cleaning services in central PA, or about any of the other services we provide to our clients, follow the links on this page. When you trust PSI with your exterior cleaning and maintenance needs, you gain an experienced partner that is focused on your success — and on the health and growth of our community in general. Get started by calling or emailing our Harrisburg office today!