Commercial High-Rise

High-Rise Cleaning services

Working safely and effectively on commercial high rises requires an ongoing commitment to training and technology. Founded in 1992, Performance Services Inc. (PSI) began humbly, cleaning storefront windows. Since that time, we’ve literally risen to the top of our industry, offering cleaning and maintenance for commercial buildings up to 40 stories high.

What We Do

PSI is available to provide all manner of commercial high rise building cleaning services including window washing, graffiti removal, high dusting, metal cleaning and restoration, solar panel cleaning and more. As well, we can handle cosmetic repairs to concrete and masonry, weatherproofing, bird and spider remediation, and lighting maintenance. Indoors or out, our team works to deliver exceptional quality in everything we do.

Our Clients

PSI is a proud partner to businesses and property owners throughout central PA and the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide hospital exterior cleaning at some of the region’s most prominent healthcare providers. We also work on high-rise residential buildings, office towers, industrial plants, stadiums, and everything in between.

Our commercial cleaning team has access to the tools necessary to take on nearly any type of job — we pride ourselves on our exceptional flexibility and our ability to find cost-effective solutions to every maintenance or repair problem. Is it any wonder we’re often called in to finish the jobs other commercial building cleaning companies can’t?

We Deliver Value for Our Customers

PSI is a locally owned and operated business. We understand how important it is to keep overhead costs low, especially for things such as exterior building cleaning. When taking quotes for a cleaning job, however, it’s important to look beyond the bottom line. A company offering a suspiciously low estimate for a big job will either tack on additional costs later, or they’ll compromise safety or quality to make up the difference.

At PSI, we offer a fair price for quality work. We get the job done right the first time, minimizing the disruption to your staff and your visitors, and we back up everything we do with great communication and customer service. To learn more about our commercial building cleaning services, contact our Harrisburg office today.