Safety: A PSI Core Value

At Performance Services, Inc. (PSI), safety has been our number-one priority since our founding in 1992. While other organizations are cutting corners, we have remained dedicated to the highest levels of training and trust when it comes to performing our services in the safest manner possible.

How We Keep Our Crew Safe

Safety is a broad topic and, when working at significant heights, it’s incredibly important to keep in mind the risk involved. While each situation has its own risks, there are two key things we provide to help prevent injuries and accidents among our staff:

  • Training & Certifications: We employ IWCA Certified High Rise Specialists- many of which have been with the PSI team for ten years or longer now. On top of the certifications we require, all staff receive appropriate training in both formal and on-the-job settings so they can accurately identify risks and take steps to mitigate them.
  • Industry Expertise: With nearly 25 years of experience working in the window cleaning business, our founders know what it takes to ensure the highest level of safety and the lowest level of risk. With our extensive knowledge and experience operating and maintaining the appropriate equipment, we can help avoid injuries and accidents. Here at PSI, we make it our mission to ensure the highest quality of service and safety at all of our sites- whether sky scraper, stadium, or storefront.

Why Safety Matters

Too often, businesses fail to recognize how connected establishing safe work environments is with profitability. In fact, it’s often thought the extra steps necessary to stay safe — including purchasing quality equipment and staff training — are more an expense than an investment. At PSI, we believe that when our team has the tools and knowledge necessary to do their job right, they are more productive, more responsible and more willing to go the extra mile for our customers. When working at height, on-the-job accidents can be dangerous. They don’t have to be limited to staff, either — improperly secured work spaces put pedestrians, visitors and other bystanders at risk, which can lead to lawsuits that can potentially bankrupt a company. Safety may not come cheap, but compared to the alternative, it’s an investment that’s worth it. That is why we stop at nothing to ensure the highest level of safety for everyone involved and invested.

Safety Consulting From PSI

Besides providing a strong commitment to safe working conditions for all of our clients and projects, our expertise can also help your business stay safe without driving up overhead costs. We offer safety consulting services for any building owners or managers looking to upgrade or retrofit their buildings with anchor systems compliant with today’s safety standards. By working together when it comes to purchasing and installing equipment to be used for future maintenance, we save you from risk and wasted resources. Find out more by contacting PSI’s Harrisburg office directly.